The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program
Picture - The Diet Solution Program
Picture - The Diet Solution Program
So…just who is Isabel De Los Rios?
Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has already helped over 25,000 people all over the world lose incredible amounts of weight, regain their health and permanently change their lives. She is the author of  The Diet Solution Program and the Owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey. She has become the #1 “go to girl” when it comes to Fat Burning Nutrition by several of the most popular fitness professionals around the globe. Isabel’s cutting edge and completely different approach to nutrition is what sets her apart from all the rest. This approach has created results for so many once frustrated dieters. Her strategies work, hands down, as long as her simple principles are followed.
Before we continue…I want to give you my “Starter Kit to Permanent Weight Loss & Vibrant Health” 7 Day E-Course…what many of my readers have called “the jumpstart they needed and were looking for to get on the right track!”

If you’d like me to tell you exactly what to eat and exactly what may be stopping you from achieving the ideal weight and health you really want then this may be the most important 7 Day E-course you ever sign up for.

And… it is completely ***FREE***!

Your “Must Have” Starter Kit to Permanent Weight Loss & Vibrant Health A 7 Day E-course

Picture - The Diet Solution Program

  How to Lose Weight and keep it off permanently Starting Today!
  • Day #1: 3 Magic Tricks to jumpstart your Fat Loss right now
  • Day #2: How to use your Favorite “Fatty” foods to maximize your weight loss
  • Day #3: Exactly which carbs cause weight gain and which carbs cause weight loss…bonus video
  • Day #4: How to combat Dieting Pitfalls the easy way
  • Day #5: How much Protein is really necessary for maximized weight loss and muscle gain
  • Day #6: How to stay on your weight loss plan no matter what the situation
  • Day #7: Exactly what steps to follow to guarantee long term weight loss success

($29.97 Course Value…Today at no cost to you)

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Healthy Foods To Lose Weight Videos, Weight Loss Meal Plans, Fat Loss Articles, Easy Diet Recipes

Picture - The Diet Solution Program
The information in this video can show you how to
Be Healthy and Lose Weight
Picture - The Diet Solution Program
Picture - The Diet Solution Program
Picture - The Diet Solution Program
This video contains multiple fat loss strategies to
see stubborn fat come right off your body.

*Results vary depending on how long and how close you follow the program.
Picture - The Diet Solution Program
You’ll learn strategies and secrets, like…
  • Why calorie counting will never work for long term weight loss and how restricting calories is probably the worst thing you can do to lose weight.
  • Why carbs are not your enemy and how to enjoy a healthy fat burning nutrition program that includes all the carbs you need.
  • Which “so called” health foods are actually making your body store tons of fat
  • Why you must, must, must eat lots of food in order to finally shed the pounds and why many people have been falsely led to believe the complete opposite.

… And much, much more!

This is truly one of the only, completely FREE videos that delivers
real health, diet and nutrition information that you can implement right away.

Picture - The Diet Solution Program

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The Diet Solution Program
The Diet Solution Program
The Diet Solution Program
The Diet Solution Program
The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

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